March 15, 2009

The Challenge
"News Girls" --Rom vs. Juls

We have recieved a challenge set up by the aunts, who are each sewing and sartorial experts. It's a Project Runway of sorts, Bain Ave. style. We have to either make or re-make a complete outfit from head to toe making sure to stick to the rules set up at the beginning.

This months theme: Menswear
This months rules: stay on budget, blog as we go, be finished come months end.

And so the brainstorming begins. I'm on the team that has to make an outfit from scratch. We have decieded to take our cues from Hannah MacGibbon, channeling Chloe's springtime pantsuits and jumpers. We plan to bring the hem lines up, add an 80's inspired silk tie and maybe find material in a colour other then navy. This is just the beginning, but here are some of the photo's weve pulled into our 'inspiration' folder...

Good luck Rom!

March 3, 2009

Crazy Nature

No, you are not tripping out, or dreaming. This is a pink dolphin.

This bottle-nose dolphin is albino. And she's the only one in the world.
Her pink colouring has created such a craze at Lake Calcasieu (Louisiana), where she resides, that environmentalists are calling to leave the poor thing alone.