September 28, 2008

The Good Life

Insight into the first month out east....

roomies in action
katie sandwich

pretending to like each other

at the watering hole


balcony view

living the life

Missing is photos from half a dozen bike adventures, all day shopping excursions, living room dance parties and countless Weeds marathons.
September went by way too fast.

September 15, 2008

Back When

It’s like summer begun yesterday and we had all just finished grade ten. The math exam was over and we ran home to plan our next two months of freedom. No one had jobs except the older boys, who we probably shouldn’t have been hanging out with anyway. Family vacations were almost passé and the most commitments any of us had were each other.

Then four years whiz past without reflection and you’re no longer teenagers. You are half way through your undergraduate degree and you’re living three provinces away from home with your boyfriend.

Way to grow up.