November 18, 2008

They'll Still Come Home

Burning Cars and breakfast keggers could become a distant memory. Queen's University has decided to cancel homecoming for the next two years. In what seems like their last attempt, university officials have decided to move the celebration from fall to...May? Homecoming, which was intended for the Universities alumni, has turned into a weekend long booze fest attracting students from all across the province. There’s a big football game and I’m sure that’s part of the draw. But, I’m also sure that the only sober people in attendance are the players, and even then, can we really be sure? This desperate attempt to quell the party doesn’t leave me with much confidence. I’ve been to the celebration. I’ve experienced the drama, hilarity and ridiculousness of it all. I don’t really think a little change of date will be enough to keep people from vomiting on Aberdeen St. The party will go on...I predict a riot!

November 16, 2008

Say It Aint So

Remember, oh, two years back when scientists discovered that Pluto was not a planet...but merely a dwarf planet that brought our solar systems total down to eight. Textbook's had to be re-written, ironic t-shirts were worn and one began to question all that their grade three teachers had taught's happened again.

You know that handy map which outlines the sections of your tongue. Highlighting which areas respond to different tastes --sour on the side, sweet at the tip, bitter at the back, yeah that's wrong.
Scientist’s don’t know much yet about the various taste receptors, but they know enough. That map has become absolute.

Turns out there is actually way more receptors lurking on our tongue. Including ones that identify with a more savory taste, specificly soya sauce...excellent! Anyways, I have yet to see a facebook group entitled, "I remember when the tongue map was still in use..." but, I know those ironic t-shirts are coming.