January 28, 2009

They Probably Miss Linden

Six games! Really? Let's not make it seven. The Canucks face off at ten-thirty tonight (EST) and I'm sending my good vibes westward. Perhaps the AllStar break has given them the rejuvenation they need. They have their centre, they have their goalie, and there are no more excuses. Even my boyfriend, whose always has an unwavering devotion to the team, is getting fed up. It’s time boys, tonight is the night. I best be waking up to winning headlines tomorrow.

January 25, 2009

And beyond excited over this...

A bit amused over this...

January 21, 2009

Power To Palin

Obama's officially in office. George is thankfully back in Texas. Michelle looked beautiful in Wu. And, Sarah Palin pushed for renewable energy? Say what! The governor who famously coined "drill, baby, drill," announced yesterday that by 2025 the state of Alaska will attempt to obtain half its electricity from renewable sources. While the report is more of a guideline then a plan of action, Palin is garnering applause from environmentalists across the country. Alaska has the potential for tidal, wave, geothermal and wind energy so the shift to renewable sources is more then attainable. But leaving Palin in charge? I won’t even go there.

In other Obama news. Ilham Anas, a newspaper photographer from Jakarta, looks freakishly similar to the new President...

....he also look's pretty stoked about it.

(photo cred. the globe and mail)

January 17, 2009

Rachel Got Married

There. Now you know the ending. You no longer have to waste your time or money seeing it. In my attempt to see movies with potential Oscar candidacy I went and saw Rachel Getting Married. And for a movie that garnered such hype, I’m thoroughly disappointed. I found myself annoyed at all the parts that discussed and centered on the wedding. Then I remembered that was the entire premise of the film. Anne Hathaway does a good job playing the irritating egotist of a sister with the shady past and propensity for uppers. But, for a protagonist who propels the narrative of the movie, how come we had her figured out from the beginning? My roommate and I also struggled with the musical melange heard through the entirety of the process. We get it, your fiancĂ© has rhythm. But as Rom pointed out, is it really probable that your wedding reception would turn into a fun loving club playing everything from blues and rock-n-roll, to reggae and jazz? Music aside, the less then climatic ending left me bitter not awe inspired. I didn't care about any of the relationships, nor did I care for the whiny undertones of the story. According to many, this opinion is not shared. So, if you’re interested in the dysfunctions of the Buckman's and watching thirty something excruciating minutes of wedding speeches, this is the movie for you.

January 14, 2009

You Fail

My adoration for blog's is no secret to my fellow classmates. So I was delighted when Carly pointed out one of her personal favourites. While it’s not a blog I would typically follow, failblog.org is one of the most amusing sites I've seen in a while. If you need a good laugh or enjoy making fun of people's stupidity, this is the place for you. After only looking through the first couple of pages I pulled out some personal favourites to share...

Gina the diva my wish to re-think this personalized plate. Thank god I didn't see this while driving.

No words needed...

January 11, 2009

Its Business Time

The Vancouver ladies are sadly making their trek back west, meaning the week long weekend is over and life resumes normality too early tomorrow morning. However, as I'm currently watching the Golden Globes I've been reminded of the impending award show that really matters. The Oscars.

I can attribute my fascination to my parent’s annual Academy Awards party. From Cuba Gooding Jr's over the top acceptance speech too Gwyneth’s teary water works. From Angelina Jolie's incestual kiss to Bjork's swan dress, I can vividly remember ticking off my predictions in anticipation of the best movie of the year. While the cinematic campaigning has become a little out of control none of the magic of award season is lost on me. I have many dates with the movie theatre before I can really think about winners. That and the nomination list needs to come out. But, if my early predictions mean anything I’m rooting for Slumdog Millionaire.

Back to the Globes --congrats Heath and best of luck too Mr. Penn.

January 7, 2009

Tech No Logic

The advancement of technology has become a re-occurring conversation as of late. And the idea of eventually being too old to "get it" has come up numerously. The thought of technologies evolution in our grandparent’s lives and even the evolution in our parent’s lives is ridiculous. My mom was quick to point out her move from the black and white to the colour TV, the toaster oven to the microwave, the gymnasium sized computer to the macbook. It's a tad overwhelming to think of.

A day before I came back to Toronto, I spent the afternoon with my 86-year-old Grandpa. He wanted me to add some contacts into his e-mail address book and then, teach him how to send one. I carefully went through each step and made sure to write it down for reference. After I had left, I attempted to remember the first time I learned to e-mail someone. But I couldn’t. My Grandpa is an intelligent man. But the concept of the internet is still relatively foreign to him. The idea that our futuristic selves may (will) be in-able to comprehend a technology so prevalent within our society leaves a lot to the imagination. If we have Iphone’s and Crackberry’s now, what will our cell phones look like when were 40?

On my plane ride back to Toronto, a man beside me had a lot of opinions to offer. If he could predict the future our cell phones would merely be chips implanted beneath our scalp. Using our thoughts to decide whether or not we wanted to answer. Using our thoughts instead of our mouth to even talk. He amusingly acted out a fake convo with his wife, pretending his brain was magically doing all the work. As she rolled her eyes at the spectacle beside her, she quipped,” relying on the thought process would effectively end every male’s ability to carry a conversation." Her words, not mine.

January 2, 2009

So This Is The New Year
Good-bye presidential elections. Good-bye Mr. President! Good-bye pregnant man*, Paul Newman, Playgirl and pit-bull Palin. So long high gas prices and disheartening headlines. So long harrowing temperatures and hipsters. So long Heath Ledger.

While 2008 soared high for probably one month too many, the falls felt internationally permeated through the fourth quarter and I’m looking forward to the change. It’s a new year, a clean slate and a reinvention for many. I’m a bit weary of resolutions. There tendency to disappoint or more appropriately disappear has always been my most reliable promise.

But this year looks different. The list is much shorter, though not necessarily sweeter. Filled with valuable realities as opposed too un-achievable fantasies. And if maintained could make for the most rewarding, if not productive, year yet.**
Happy 2009!

*He's at it again, stay tuned for the second baby later this year.
** Yes, I’m acutely aware of my breif twenty years here on earth...thanks.