October 17, 2008

This Is All Old News

I've been accumulating a long list of blog ideas and none seem to have left the post-it they're written on. Everyone's busy so I wont bother emphasizing what's been taking up my spare time. However, if I don’t use some of them they will all become SO out-dated that it would be futile to even consider writing about them.

Firstly, Dominions, more affectionately known as Doms is no longer. The chain of Ontario grocery stores that scream first year to those who dwelled in Pitman Hall or the ILLC has been taken over. The signs have been changed and consumers across the city can now battle the lines
at Metro. After some brainstorming amidst the roomies we found a suitable abbreviation for the new chain and have settled on calling it Tro. While the name is yet to resonate just like Doms, the Tro offers no noticeable differences in the over-all shopping experience. The Quebec company behind the take-over however has not committed to Dominions trademark promise of being fresh obsessed...leaving my overall impression of the store slightly wilted.

Secondly, Nuit Blanche graced the streets of Toronto some two weeks ago and left Romany and I in awe. From sun-down Saturday night till sun-up Sunday morning the contemporary art showcase stretched across the city and left many questioning the validity of what they saw. Was it really art? Or, did they just not understand? It seemed upon noon the next day that the negative reviews greatly outweighed the positive --but I got it. From the first installment on campus, to the ridiculous didgeridoo performer outside Eaton Center…from the musical lightshow at City Hall to actually getting to see Josh Raskin's I Met the Walrus, I appreciated and loved every minute of it. Of course nothing could have topped the night of better then a zombie inspired visit to College Park's fountain. People were play fighting and frolicking in the middle of the water when the roar of the crowd turned my attention to the ass naked streaker running across the pond. To my surprise it was our good friend Luke, bearing all in front of the 2000+ audience. While not exactly an art installation per say, it was the perfect ending to an epic night out.

Thirdly, after being out east for almost three years I finally made my trek up to Montreal. This past Thanksgiving weekend the roommates and I ventured to the city that was so close to being my home. After almost missing our early morning train, we arrived and nothing about the place disappointed. We had amazing weather, ate very good food and stayed up all night at new watering holes. The culture of the city fueled my desire to get out of Canada. It also inspired me to drudge out the ol French notebooks at home and remember how to sort of know the language. Monday came too soon, but Im already planning my escape back...if only for more maple candy.

Half-way through October, more then half-way through first semester...hopefully I can post again before it all becomes way too irrelevant.

October 14, 2008


You can kiss those annoying Conservative party commercials goodbye! Today the federal election polls are open to vote. Regardless of your political affiliations get out there and effect change.

If your attention has been predominantly tuned into Barack vs. McCain banter, focus it back up North.

Your voice, despite what you may feel, matters. And whether you support the Liberals, NDPs, Greens or Conservatives you will have no place to criticize those leading Canada if you don’t participate.

For more information on where to vote or what you need to bring, check out Elections Canada’s website. See you at the polls.