December 10, 2008

Blog Blah

The semester is over and this blog has seen a good five posts at most. I could blame the lack of posting on homework, intense course loads or our newly acquired TV...but when it comes down to it I spend way more time viewing other peoples blogs then working on my own. In fact, I spend a considerable amount of time, so much so that it's become a full blown addiction. There are of worse things I could be addicted to... like reality TV, cheese bagels or crack. But instead I choose blogs, linking from one to the next and adding to my ever expanding favourite’s folder. The verdict is still out on whether or not this is acceptable or just plain creepy. But I’ve made a promise to myself, no, a challenge, to channel all my blogging inspiration and continue to work on my own. My first new years resolution (yes I’m already going there) is to resurrect west meets east. This may be an affirmation for my own satisfaction, but I do know that some people read this bad boy and Miss VanDenBoomen is getting annoyed! So, if I don’t post from now until the new year, know that I have not forgotten or moved on, only preparing to start again.