November 30, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

I do want my two front teeth but I'll be losing four wise ones. But no, all I want for Christmas is, for the trip to be safe, but mainly just really fun; for my weekend of teeth-removal-recovery to be filled with box-sets, T-3’s and jello; to have reunions with friends over coffee, but preferably wine; to skate around the rink with the ladies and the boy; to watch the fire log on TV on Christmas morning and Home Alone with my bro on Christmas afternoon. I want a full memory card of pictures and videos. I want to run into everyone at buck’s…even though really I'll pretend to hate that.

December 1st is upon us.


Anonymous said...

Julie Jules
Where the bleep have you been? Working in Van....holidaying in the sun? Hope we get together before you finish. I can't believe it has been four year's already!
Your auntie who

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